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Government Procurement Contract : Digital Arbitrary Generator

On the last December 20th, Device-ALab has won a government procurement contract providing design, development and realization of Digital Arbitrary Generator for R&D Laboratory of... more

Share capital increase of Device-ALab

Device-ALab proceeded at the beginning of September 2011 to a new fundraising. Effective at the end of October, this operation will allow the company to... more

Demo kit for a high speed data converter Quad ADC 10 bits 2.5 Gsps

At the end of 2010, DEVICE-ALab team developed a turnkey high speed data converter demo kit - Quad ADC 10 bits 2.5 Gsps- for a... more

Our OPEN A-Lab spaces are equipped with customized technical equipments Open A-Lab 01
Space dedicated to works executing of component/device characterization
Characterization bench for an imager
Open A-Lab 02
Test & measurement of high speed data converters

OPEN A-Lab (Open Application Laboratory)

You need to validate yourself your electronic devices and/or modules by yourself.
We offer you the access to OPEN A-Lab, our dedicated Test & Measurement Laboratory with ready to use benches in a customized, secure and safe environment. This unique service is designed for characterization* and validation of your standard or specific devices within your product development process.

One of the main strength of this service is to allow you to execute a part of your test and measurements off-site and independently, with an access to the latest technologies in standard and/or specific equipments; you will benefit from a unique laboratory totally dedicated to test & measurement, with adequate technical support documentation.

We support the following technological skills areas:

  • Imaging,
  • Data conversion,
  • Mixed Signal Electronics for capacitive, inductive and resistive sensors.

Our OPEN A-Lab spaces are equipped with customized technical equipments. Throughout your test cycle, our internal expertise and resources are also available for support and assistance according to your needs.

OPEN A-LAB at a glance

  • A 70m2 laboratory that we fully privatize to ensure confidentiality,
  • A set of standard and/or specific equipments based on latest test technologies,
  • A private IT access and a specific documentation service “intuitive and easy to use”,
  • A full package of technical support services available on site for any request
    • assistance with a test bench or equipment,
    • replacement of a device,
    • hardware and/or software evolution request on your test bench...
  • The availability of an inter-disciplinary team of engineers and technicians for characterization and validation, to complete for you any of your test and measurement operations cycle or strategy.

(*) Performances and electrical and/or electro-optical characteristics measurements of your devices in development phase, under defined conditions