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Government Procurement Contract : Digital Arbitrary Generator

On the last December 20th, Device-ALab has won a government procurement contract providing design, development and realization of Digital Arbitrary Generator for R&D Laboratory of... more

Share capital increase of Device-ALab

Device-ALab proceeded at the beginning of September 2011 to a new fundraising. Effective at the end of October, this operation will allow the company to... more

Demo kit for a high speed data converter Quad ADC 10 bits 2.5 Gsps

At the end of 2010, DEVICE-ALab team developed a turnkey high speed data converter demo kit - Quad ADC 10 bits 2.5 Gsps- for a... more


Our know-how and offers of services for products development and test and measurement in laboratory are mainly addressing professional niche markets serving high added value and innovative applications.



  • CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor)
  • CCD (Charged Coupled Device)
  • Passive Sensor

High Speed Data Conversion


Conversion speed adapts to the aimed resolution.
Up to about 10 Gigahetz frequency sampling.

Electronics Mixed signal for Sensors


High resolution measurement for capacitive sensor

High Speed communication interfaces


High Speed communication interfaces around leading-edge technologies and protocols, such as

  • USB
  • GigEthernet
  • CameraLink
  • WIFI